When will we get to do a tour and see how things work?

We plan to run parent and student orientation on September 6.  Each family will be assigned a time to come with their child to meet teachers and learn all operating procedures for Mark Twain Elementary.

How can parents help get the school ready?

We will need painting and sprucing help in August!  Please let our volunteer coordinator know if you are willing to help!  Cain_lydia@silverfalls.k12.or.us

What about the playground?

Construction will begin on the playground this summer!  There will be a covered play structure over the existing basketball courts and the plan is to move play equipment from Eugene Field.  If it turns out to be more cost effective to purchase new play equipment we will do that.  We are in the process of exploring all options!

What will happen to Eugene Field?

Eugene Field has been designated surplus property by the school board and is in the process of being sold.  The new owners will have control over what the building is used for.

Are the lockers staying?

Yes!  The locks will be removed, but the lockers will be available for our kids to use for backpacks and coats just like they use the coat hooks now.   There are hooks inside and each student will have a nametag on their locker door just like they have a nametag above their hook now.  There are several advantages to this including better security of personal belongings, less spread of germs and bugs, and no hooks sticking out into walk spaces!

Where will Drop-off and Pick-up happen?

Our plan is to have parent drop off in the current bus circle under the reader board.  We will need to run some traffic tests to make sure this is safe and effective.  Pick up will be in the gym!  Parents can use parking behind and below the gym and enter through one set of gym doors then exit after checking child out through other set of gym doors.

What will lunch look like?

We plan to run lunch one grade at a time on the stage.  No PE classes will run during lunch times.

When will we know bus routes?

We are hoping to have bus routes out to you the 2nd week of August.

What will the hours be?

Our school begin and end time will remain the same.  We open doors at 7:45, class begins 8:10, and school ends at 2:30.

Will the bathrooms work for little people?

There are some modifications being made to the bathrooms over the summer to make them work for our sizes.