As we begin to think about starting this school year in Comprehensive Distance Learning, our staff at Mark Twain asks that you prepare with the proper supplies and a learning space in your home. Here is a very basic list of school supplies for your child. Please feel free to add or adjust items based on the needs of your child. Pencils, eraser, folders, crayons, washable markers, glue sticks, safety scissors, paper/note pads, dry erase markers, small white board, headphones, and a ruler.

Once you have the necessary school supplies, consider a space for your child to keep the supplies ready to use (shoe box, drawer, or bin). And finally, dedicate a learning space that is age appropriate and free from distractions. In this space, consider a school desk, small table, or maybe a seat at your coffee table. Our staff will be returning from summer break soon and will be excited to start this journey with you and your child.