Every fall, MTE staff walk students through a very informal Armed Intruder Training using the “I Love You Guys” curriculum (see website link above and click on “The Standard Response Protocol for Pre-K thru 2”).  For our student age group, it is important to teach an age appropriate lesson that is short with clear expectations.   An informal training simply means that we are not yet ready to have a full law enforcement presence.  Teachers are beginning to form positive relationships with their students and this is a great trust building time to teach these lessons.  Once students have received their Armed Intruder Lessons in the classroom, the principal will test each classroom individually by calling to the room and placing them in “Lockdown.”  Following instructions from their teacher and the training in their lesson, students then perform what they have been taught.  After approximately five minutes, the principal will unlock the classroom door and make visual eye contact with the class to release them back to their regular classroom activities.  Later in the school year, the entire Mark Twain Elementary School practices a school-wide “Lockdown” drill with law enforcement presence which includes a complete evaluation of the drill once it has concluded.   Please contact the school if you have any questions.